• Agency

    For scientific and organisational support for the Expert Commission, the “Agency for the Second Gender Equality Report of the German Federal Government” has been established at the Institute for Social Work and Social Education. Ganz lesen
  • Dr. Regina Frey

    Regina Frey, Dr. phil., head of the Agency, political scientist, twelve years’ experience in gender equality consultancy for international organisations, federal and state agencies, educational institutions, and NGOs as member of genderbüro Berlin ( Main focus: Labour market and employment policy, European structural funds, development policy, gender equality strategies in personnel and organisational development. Ganz lesen
  • Dr. Mara Kuhl

    Dr. rer. pol., Mag. Art., gas (Belgian postgrad. degree), research assiociate; since 2001 consultant for public administration and politics. Main focus: institutionalization of gender equality policies, integration of gender equality into departmental tasks, gender sensitive budgetary policies, impact assessments. Ganz lesen
  • Katrin Lange

    Katrin Lange, political scientist, research associate. Main focus: Work time sovereignty, equal participation of women and men in employment, equal pay, women in leading/management positions in Germany, corporate gender equality policy, gender equality in digitalisation of labour, media relations and PR. Ganz lesen
  • Sebastian Scheele

    Sebastian Scheele, sociologist, research associate and PhD-student at the Center for Interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies (ZIFG), Technical University Berlin. From 2003-2009 he worked at the GenderKompetenzZentrum, Humboldt-University Berlin, in consultancy on gender equality politics. As a freelance researcher he worked for political foundations and at the German Institute for Human Rights, among others ... Ganz lesen